03 October 2008

Official Duties

Of course, Our main purpose in undertaking the Rodentine Progress through the provinces was to inspect shore defenses. Here are some missile silos - or were they grain silos? - whichever, they got imperially inspected.
And then it's back on the barge...
Here's a nice shot of a secret supply base. We would tell you where it is, but it's a secret. Besides, We can't remember. After a while, all secret supply bases start to look alike. Occupational hazard.
But We do love how pretty secret supply bases look at night!
One pleasurable task was formally inaugurating the new high-speed rail link in the northern possessions, the THV: Train à Hamster Vitesse. Here We are in the official car made for the occasion. (See! It even says "official car"!)Speaking of trains, We'll show you the exciting train trip up to the Canadian border in Our next post!


  1. I could tell you where the secret supply base is at, but then someone would have to hurt someone.


  2. Sounds like a job for WC. Oh, Bouncer, someone has found where we have been hiding all the hazelnuts.

  3. Well written article.