12 May 2021

Here Thar Be Dragons

 Found some lovely snapdragons last week which made a most fetching bouquet. 


Unfortunately, they all drooped after just one day.  Stan happily agreed to step into the breech until I could get to the store again.  Such a good and devoted bird!

05 May 2021

All Aboard!

 My old Pennsylvania RR kerosene lantern, a memento of my Uncle Pete, is now hanging in the porch with globe cleaned and reservoir filled with lamp oil.


02 May 2021

David Did It

This week's bouquet was selected by David, who did the grocery shopping.  He went for rustic  elegance.

26 April 2021

Another Supermarket Bouquet

Selected and arranged by yours truly.  In many ways, this one is my favorite so far.  The pix don't quite do it justice.

22 April 2021

Along the Riverfront in Alexandria

 A Springtime walk along my usual route...

19 April 2021

More Inexpensive Assorted Bouquets

 ... from Uncle Jeff's house of cut flowers and fine foods emporium.

13 April 2021

Shhhhh! Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet...

 Went into the city today, just for a change of scene.  Very quiet and empty, but I find I notice and appreciate the architecture more without all the people around.

Metro escalators

across from Ford's Theater, of course