19 March 2021


Shot #2 done. I'm immortal again! County opened a whole bunch of new options for appointments since 3 weeks ago, so there was no line, things moved quickly, and I was done actually before my schedule appointment time. Oh yes, passed the guy with the Int'l Atomic Energy Agency cap on the way in.

According to the Tag at Whole Foods, the Species is "Fill Assorted"


18 March 2021

Architectural Wonders

 DC, home of Mondrianesque for the masses and un-orthodox Byzantine Revival... right down the street from one another.


15 March 2021

Tromp through the Swamp

This past Thursday, I took advantage of the mid-70º weather to take a nice walk through Dyke Marsh, David's favorite swamp. Took a different trail than David usually takes. 'Twas lovely!

13 March 2021

Back to School

School reopenings, etc. have, of course, affected our household as well. Fluffy, our California Condor chick, is now back with his mentor and learning the arts of vulturing. Annabelle's chick, Matilda, is back from a prolonged lockdown at her Swiss boarding school. She and her mother are celebrating their reunion wearing the festive Tex/Mex hats characteristic of the species for such occasions. Stan has been nest-schooling Baby all along and has been unaffected.

12 March 2021

11 March 2021

Born To Ride

 I'm growing concerned the Bob make be hanging out with an unsavory crowd... 


10 March 2021


Random tree. In other news, today and for the rest of the week, highs of 70ºF. Nice. Back into the mid 50's next week.


09 March 2021

I'm Awfully Fond of Him!

 I'm so deliriously happy! I finally found a place for my rubber duckie in my bathroom!