28 November 2007

WDS: Bright Lights, Big Rodents

We are excited to present to you highlights from the World Domination Summit which took place yesterday evening. It was a moving and glamorous experience, full of the excitement and majesty that is the hallmark of The Hamster's enlightened rule. Here we go. . .

Here we are on glittering 4th Street Live in fabulous Louisville Kentucky, site of the summit! Excitement mounts are we casually stroll up the boulevard to the awe of onlookers. The Maker's Mark Bourbon House and Lounge is just down the street aways...

As everyone knows, penguins HATE to be late for anything. So we arrived in plenty of time for the beginning of the summit festivities. Having some time on Our Despotic Hands, we decided to take in a few frames at the Lucky Strike Lanes disco bowling alley across the street. Fun, fun, fun!

We were then able to meet Our Most Illustrious Woodchuck right on time and repair to our discussions. We entered our meeting facility where we found "the 57'8" ft. long wood topped bar is outlined in glass and underlit with soft white lighting. Upon entering, guests are met with an entire wall of backlit Maker's Mark bottles and a spectacular 'wall of fire'. At the request of Maker's Mark management, bourbons from each of Kentucky's distilleries are showcased." Woodchuck said that Squirrel would be most favorably impressed with the two pages of bourbon selections on the menu, which ranged up to $50 a shot for the very rarest. We all, however, restrained ourselves admirably since we had serious business to attend to.
As noted on WC's blog. the summit marked the appearance of the latest traveling penguin technology: the Port-a-Flock. This collection of diminutive but deadly warriors can be carried conveniently in one's pocket in a handy zippered case. Since penguins are such social creatures, TR invented them to keep him company on longer trips.

He also taught them the manly skills of hand-to-hand combat and bidding on Priceline.com. Perfect for undercover work and infiltrating behind enemy lines, here they were deployed as the Royal Penguin Guard to maintain security during the summit. Good thing, too. There were some pretty suspicious characters lurking about. Here, the guards confront one of the shadier-looking types.

Happily, it turned out to be only one of the local paparazzi trying to get scoop-photos of the assembled celebrities and despots.

The conference was rounded out by a very nice dinner of bourbon sirloin and veal ossobuco. A tyrannical time was has by all!

27 November 2007

World Domination Summit concludes!

And what a swell time we all had! Film at 11!

Woodchuck for Dinner!

Whaddya mean "dinner"???

We here in Hamsterland are most enthused about the World Domination Summit annual bowling banquet this evening in fabulous Louisville! Arrangements have been made and the Imperial Progress will set off from Our Lexington Palace en route to bourbon and tasty, roasted quadrupeds later today. Yes, there will be pictures. Oh will there ever be pictures! Stay tuned!!!

14 November 2007

Building better rodents

Likely readers here will already know this, but there is breaking news on Rogue Squirrel's blog.

12 November 2007

Yes, it's true!

It appears that the Most Esteemed and Right-Trusty Woodchuck is journeying to the Hamster-Realms for The World Domination Summit. A variety of savoury entertainments are already being contemplated, many involving fine aged bourbon. We rejoice! And of course DG and TR will be on hand for the festivities. Let the earth tremble in fear!
-- By Decree of The Hamster

07 November 2007


Around here, we know this as the day of universal rejoicing and thanksgiving.

04 November 2007

Do the Woodchucks have a little extra room?

TR now wants to move to Washington, since the leadership there appears to be unusually enlightened.Celebrating Halloween: Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire dressed as Mumble, the world's worst singing penguin, and her husband, Mike, costumed as Loveless the Guru, another penguin.

01 November 2007

now THAT'S scary!

For Halloween, TR decided to come as DG in the morning, before his first can of Diet Coke.