29 February 2008

A little something...

in honor of the upcoming blessed squirrel event.

22 February 2008

TR's cousin

"No! We don't ALL like cold weather, THANK YOU! Sheesh! Always the same stupid questions, even on vacation! Can't a bird get any peace???"

17 February 2008

Hail to the Chief

All was military pomp and pageantry this weekend in Hamsterland as Our new Marshall-in-Chief of the Invincible Imperial Hamster Armed Forces was formally installed into office.

09 February 2008

Nature Lessons - Part 2

The Hamster: Often to be seen conquering Scotland in late summer.

Not a chicken.

From superior eggs come superior birds.

And from inferior eggs. . .

06 February 2008

Mother Nature

Being an utterly devoted aficionado of Kel's blog, I find that her consummate environmentalism has rubbed off a bit. There is much I have learned about the wonders of nature and the delicate balance that sustains the creatures of the earth, great and small. Observe:
The Chicken: Highly desirable as back-yard scrap recycling equipment

The Woodchuck: Natural enemy of the chicken; has been known to chase these birds out of back yards

The Squirrel: Known to laugh hysterically whilst observing the life-and-death struggle twixt woodchuck and chicken

The Worm: Not nearly as good as the chicken

"I am. . . an anarCHIST!"

02 February 2008

Christmas in February

It has come to Our Despotic Attention that, in all the excitement of the holidays and their aftermath, We neglected to describe the tributes of the nations and peoples sent in homage to Our Rodentine Person for Christmas. Well... OK... what We're actually talking about here are the gifts my sweet and wonderful DG gave me, but this wouldn't be the WickedHamster Blog without some sort of inflated claim. So here goes...

Let me say first that ALL DG's presents were COMPLETE surprises. I mean I had absolutely no clue, and the one large present wasn't at all what I thought it might be. What it was is shown here: two lovely baroque drawings of the equestrian statues of the emperors Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius in Rome. (Awww! Emperors! How did he know?) He purchased them at an auction in town, already framed. Frankly I don't know how old they are, but they are lovely, and PERFECT for filling up some empty wall space in the living room which has bothered me for years.The second surprises had to do with tea, i.e., a lovely classic white ceramic teapot, and a smaller glass plunge teapot from Bodrum.As Our readers may know from previous posts and comments elsewhere, We came to adore Yorkshire tea whilst We were encamped there for the conquest of Scotland last summer. Northerners like good, flavorful, strong tea, whilst those in the south - even London - prefer a weaker brew. I can honestly say I couldn't quite understand the attraction to tea until I went to Yorkshire and had the real stuff. So we have become just ever so civilized here at the HamsterPalace. I went out and got a lovely custom-made cozy from http://www.customcozies.com/ (go there if you are ever in the market for a tea cozy!) I found where to buy yummy Taylor's of Harrogate Yorkshire tea on the web (you can even get it on Amazon). We bought a proper British style electric kettle a few months back, when I first started toying with becoming a tea aficionado.
Besides, my old tea set was was getting a little worn...