25 February 2009

For those of you...

who might question the authenticity of the "Herd Virtual Imperial Penguins" feature on this site, regard the following: How to Herd Penguins

23 February 2009

Just another manic Monday...

"Somebody left their lunch in the frig in the break room over the weekend; I need to remind you that's a potential health hazard. The copier on the 2nd floor is broken, and the guy's been called. They'll be installing the new hand-dryers in the cardinals' restroom Thursday. OK, any other announcements? Then lets get out there people and save some souls!"

20 February 2009

My Favorite Martian

Rushing out of the palace the other day, the Pope forgot his skullcap. Luckily he was able to levitate it out of his room and on to his head with a mere wave of his hand. Dang! The perks that come with that job!

17 February 2009

Know Your Poultry!

This is what a penguin looks like when it finds your conversation tiresome.

12 February 2009

Ch, ch, ch, chia!

Central Hamster Intelligence Agency operative working undercover as a squash. Wherever you are, we are watching you!

03 February 2009

View from the window today

Yesterday, all the ice had melted and the streets weren't even wet. Crap! Crap, I say!