26 October 2015

Wedding Album - 2nd edition (revised & expanded!)

Jones Point Lighthouse, Alexandria Va, on the Potomac - the southern tip of the original District of Columbia

Under the glass pyramid beneath us lies the original southern boundary marker for the District of Columbia, set in 1791. This part of the original District was returned to Virginia in 1846.


Teresa Shaw reads from Plato's Symposium

the vows & rings

Mike Kennedy reads from 1st Corinthians

the happy couple

groom A
groom B



the cake (you knew there'd be sheep somewhere, didn't you?)

The Return of The Hamster

I'm back!  It has been a long time since I last blogged, and I miss it.  Facebook just doesn't give enough room for creativity and expression.  So I'm going to try and become a regular blogger again.  A fitting way to recommence would be by putting up the first version of David's and my wedding album - thus also making it accessible to those who don't have Facebook accounts.  That album will be up shortly, but I did want to precede it by a formal announcement of the blog coming back to life.  Welcome again, kind readers!.