25 April 2007

Thoughtful Gifts - cont.

"Yeah, I just got one of these myself. You'll love it! You put the coffee in here..."

20 April 2007

Thoughtful Gifts for Monarchs

"A new plunge-pot. Great! My old one broke last week. How did you know?"

17 April 2007

Hamster Aphorism of the Week

Just because I don't care

doesn't mean I don't understand

14 April 2007

EasterFunnies -- BONUS!!!

I told you you'd all pay. I didn't want it to come to this,
but an example had to be made!
There's more where this came from,
don't make me use it!

13 April 2007

EaterFunnies #4

We end this Easter Week series on a sombre, reflective note, pondering mortality.

11 April 2007

EasterFunnies #3

This one is dedicated to the dear and loyal married couples amongst my subjects.

09 April 2007

EasterFunnies #2

The Hamster requires you to laugh.

08 April 2007

EasterFunnies #1

(This moment of mirth is brought to you by Decree of The Hamster)

06 April 2007

Despotic Easter Wishes to All!

Here is a picture of Us giving secret orders to Our ally, the Easter Bunny, to gather intelligence on Scotland during his rounds this weekend and make a full report upon his return. The Hamster has friends in the highest places and in all places. Let the heather and thistle look upon Us and despair! Happy Easter everybody!

05 April 2007

Où sont les français?

(according to Wikipedia, s.v. "flying squirrel," this is a Southern Flying Squirrel from N. America)

04 April 2007

Marshalling the forces...

Those of you who have been keeping up with Our Good and Right-Trusty Woodchuck (http://woodchuckwisdom.blogspot.com/) know that he has been diligent in training our squirrel infantry for our forthcoming annexation of Scotland. Your friendly, neighborhood global tyrant has not been slacking either. Once again, our mighty hamster scientists have stunned the world, and we will unleash upon an unsuspecting Scotland a new battalion of I.F.A.* Squirrel Commandos (* = Idividualized Flying Apparatus).
Let the bogs sink in fear! (Oh wait, they seem to have already...)