20 April 2009

Battle of the Bulge

Sometimes, it's better to go on a diet first, THEN start exercising.

16 April 2009

No Easter would be complete without...

Veteran HamsterFans knew that His Holiness was going to show up somewhere in this series. One of the great things about being Pope at Easter is that you get to show off your neat throne collection. Observe:Of course, by custom, the Pope goes to Castelgandolfo to rest the week after Easter.Sitting on thrones all week can, apparently, take a lot outta ya! It's true. The Hamster knows this.

14 April 2009

Post-Easter Musings #2

Apparently an ancient folk custom in Romania. But if you ask me, its just plain creepy! "Hi boys and girls, and welcome to Stephen King's Easter Egg Hunt!"

13 April 2009

Post-Easter Musings #1

For some reason, with Easter this year, I began to notice some really quite odd happenings that take place in connection with the event. So, being Wicked and all, I thought I'd run a little series on the peculiarities I came across.

Let's start with a curious picture of some folk from one of the penitents' societies common in Hispanic culture:Hey, whatever floats your boat and all. But what is the purpose of taking a picture of people you can't even recognise? "That's aunt Mildred, second from left, under the sheet; and that's little Bobby on the right, under the sheet, isn't he cute and he's grown so much over the past year! And that's..." I mean, really, what's the point?

11 April 2009

10 April 2009

Domestic Agenda

Darn! I've really got to get that leak in the roof fixed one of these days..."

06 April 2009

Many Happy Returns!

We give Our most sincere best wishes to Our right-trusty rodentine infant, Baby Squirrel! ❤