30 March 2008


"Oh great. Time to plan the company picnic again. I hate doing this. I just know they're going to complain that the nachos were cold last year..."

26 March 2008

Rodent Global Influence

"Yeah, we told Squirrel we'd hide some nuts for him over the winter. I'm pretty sure we put 'em here, but heck, who knows? You wouldn't happen to have any krill on ya, huh???"

21 March 2008

Easter Chills!

Yes, it's allegedly Spring and all, but the temps here this weekend are only going to be in the 40's. Hence the Easter Bunny decided to dress for the weather this year.Happy Easter to all! -- By Decree of the Hamster

16 March 2008

Laid Low!

For those who are getting restive for a new post from your Beloved Despot, allow me to plead illness. A week ago (right as Spring Break started - damned karma!) we were struck with a very unpleasant little bug and ended up in bed for 3 days.
We have recovered now, but many a HamsterTask must be attended to (among other things, the Scottish railroads need some attention). We will be posting again soon!

Yours tyrannically - WH

08 March 2008

"Come Saturday Morning..."

Ah! Another brisk Spring morning here in the all-glorious Commonwealth!
Here, the intrepid DG dusts off the driveway before making a quick run to Fresh Market (like for bottled water, canned goods, kindling, signal flares...). Excuse the quality of the pic; it was shot through a window. I sure ain't goin' out in this crap!

On the bright side, the house was filled with the pitter-patter of little webbed feet as the birds rushed excitedly to press their little beaks against the windows. How cute!
Even Butterball was excited.
No you know why it's no accident that this is the place they invented bourbon. We need it!

05 March 2008

Blessed Squirrel Event-Salute #2

Ya know, with our particular breed of house birds, this ISN'T supposed to happen!