30 December 2008

National Portrait Gallery

Lots of people know the National Gallery of Art, but not as many know the National Portrait Gallery, which is housed with the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It's a bit off the mall and the other museums, but it's well worth the visit. The collections are housed in one of the oldest public buildings in DC, begun in 1836, which was restored and refitted - gloriously - for museum use.The original Greek revival sandstone building, a treasure in its own right,was added onto over the years in grey granite to form a quadrangle. This was dramatically roofed (British Museum, eat your heart out). The building itself was returned to its original architectural elements, and the third floor, which was decorated in Victorian splendor, was restored. What was apparently a library or records office is now the public study center:which includes some American folk art penguins (no, I have no idea what their story is):A long corridor of offices and central lobby now holds the 20th century collection.In that collection is a room dedicated to this installation of some 200 TV sets. It's flabbergasting!
For those of you who liked the last video, here's another:

The gallery is another of the many less-known treasures of Washington.

29 December 2008

Urban Livestock

As many of you know, the House Sheep have been specifically bred to adopt behaviors which adapt to the human built environment. Here, they demonstrate their characteristic instinct to herd vertically, in high-density residential situations. Such clever creatures!

27 December 2008


Video of a new electronic installation in the tunnel linking the National Gallery to the East Bldg. in Washington:

22 December 2008

Visions of sugarplums

Or maybe sugarherrings? Kids always get so excited this time of year. Here, hatchlings tell HamsterClaus what they want for Christmas this year.

20 December 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

We will soon be departing to spend the holidays at our new palace in Arlington. Have a merry ol' despotic time, HamsterFans! See you in the New Year!

14 December 2008

New from HamsterLabs!

The Risky Genetic Engineering Department of Imperial HamsterLabs Ltd. is proud to announce its latest innovation: The Pocket Sheep™!
Yes, from the same great people that brought you the House Sheep™
The Pocket Sheep™ is the latest in ovine technology. No larger than a credit card, the Pocket Sheep™ is perfect for today's active lifestyles! This go-anywhere, do-anything quadruped will give you all the snuggly comfort and affection you could want, in a convenient size. Put one in your pocket, in your purse, the glove compartment, your travel kit, anywhere where sudden insecurity might necessitate having a woolly friend nearby. Get yours today!
Remember, the one and only genuine Pocket Sheep™ is only available from HamsterLabs. Beware of imitators! Accept no substitutes!

05 December 2008

Mindless Bird Blogging

Penguins on vacation

TR's great-grandfather

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille"

"I thought I heard a bird around here somewhere..."

01 December 2008


OK, HamsterFans... Here we go. It's been a while since Our last post because:
-- we drove to Washington DC on the 15th
-- shopped for and rented an apartment
-- bought some furniture to put in said flat
-- drove to Florida on the 18th
-- departed on a cruise to the Bahamas on the 21st
-- came back to celebrate Thanksgiving in Florida on the 24th
-- departed to drive back to Kentucky on the 28th.

Our crowned imperial rodentine head is still spinning. Below, enjoy pix.

First of the new Imperial Hamster Ambassadorial Residence in Washington (2 blocks from the Pentagon):
The building which will house the Imperial Consort's office (2 blocks from the White House):
Here we are arriving in Nassau:
I took a shot of the local Starbucks for Kel & Meritt:
Lots o' barges. There must be a bunch of hamsters in this town...
Many pretty hotels:
Many pretty mansions and yachts on Paradise Island:
This one belongs to the Myers' of rum fame (just for you WC):
Queen Victoria in front of Government House in Nassau. The Bahamas were once oppressed under the colonial rule of the British...
But really, how oppressed can you be when you paint all your government buildings pink? They are pretty...