27 September 2006

Nothing much...

goin' on here right now. I'll let you know when something happens.

22 September 2006

le garage

How could I forget???

The Hamster Lair - part 2

Continuing with our tour...
There is one piece of furniture I do require: a nice, big, fluffy bed. I just love a nice, big, fluffy bed!Oh yes... Here's my desk in the ceremonial office. Like I said in a previous post, the decor's a little busy.
I wanted to make sure I put in some shots of the back yard for Kel.
The Penguin Pool, for visiting flightless fowl.
As you can see Squirrel, there's lots of trees. Wait a minute... what's that rustling out there on the lawn???
I might have known... Hey, put those down! Those are my nuts. No embezzling government property!Y'all come back now, hear!

21 September 2006

Dust rag... Skittles... Don't Like Red???

You wouldn't want to make the cute, little, fuzzy hamster upset...

20 September 2006

Quiet corner

Indeed, my friend, your wish is my command. I've put in a cozy little nook for you and Kel to sip a little wine -- and coffee in the AM, of course.


for context, see http://hopfodder.blogspot.com/ for 19 September

Whereas our right good and trusty minion
has shown himself devoted in our service and zealous in the cultural advancement of our subjects in teaching them to eschew cheap beer,
we appoint him

And whereas our right good and trusty minion
has likewise been of inestimable service to ourself and to civilization as a whole in first inspiring the aforementioned furry forest creature to take up this work of heroic service,
we appoint him
by decree of THE HAMSTER
Gentlemen, stand up and take a bow!

18 September 2006

Home Sweet Home

Since I am a hamster, many people assume I live in some sort of cage. Au contraire! A rodent in my position has to maintain a certain style. It simply will not do to have a global tyrant scuttering about in some déclassé Habitrail. So, for your aedification, some shots of the magnificent HamsterLair:

Unofficial visitors, e.g., subjects seeking favors, the conquered seeking mercy for their territory, etc. usually arrive here first, at the Lobby of the Suppliants. I put up some pretty pictures so they won't get bored while they wait.

I usually receive petitioners in my working office. I don't think you can quite see my desk from here, but it's up there in front. The ceremonial office is a bit too elaborate for day-to-day business, so I prefer to use this one.

The breakfast nook.

My "personal space" or rumpus room. One advantage to being a hamster is that we don't have need of a lot of furniture. That really saves on overhead! I have exotic, aromatic shavings strewn over the floor fresh every day. Today it will be tulip-wood; one of my favorites. And with all this room, I don't need one of those tacky exercise wheels. Wheeee!!!

17 September 2006

Invincible Desert Rodent Rangers...

searching the far reaches of the Hamster-realms to find something to say in an update. Stay tuned minions, subjects, and allies...

12 September 2006

ATTN: Left-Coast Rodents

Since my old Pontiac was so well received, I thought I'd do another "long distance dedication" and send this one out to Woodchuck and Squirrel, recently posted on the ever-amusing Engrish.com. Enjoy...

06 September 2006

For my brother, Ed

Allow me to step out of character for a moment and take a waddle down memory lane. One of my oldest memories is of a pea-green 50's vintage Pontiac my oldest brother owned when I was just knee-high to a Siberian Dwarf Hamster. (Come to think of it, where are their knees? Oh, never mind.) A week or so ago, as some of you know, DG and I were out to a classic car show and there we encountered a Pontiac very much like my brother's - except a lighter shade of green. So, for fun, here are the pix. Enjoy Ed! (By the way, the Indian's head on the hood ornament lit up.)