20 April 2008

11 April 2008

Domestic Bliss!

We commissioned the Imperial Hamster Court Painter to render the new Mommy happily ensconced at home with her bundle of joy! Squirrel couldn't make it to pose since he was up to his ears in dirty diapers. Love ya, Mom!

08 April 2008

Latest News!

Mrs. Squirrel and Baby Squirrel return home. Baby slept well first night. Film at 11:00. . .

06 April 2008

It happened!!!

There's a new little rodent at Rogue Squirrel!!! Woohoo!!!

04 April 2008

A new courtier

We have a new arrival at court! A charming and courteous marmot apparently from somewhere out west, eager to be of service to Our Imperial Rodentine Person.
I'm certain he's of sterling character and will prove loyal and devoted. Still, where he actually came from and how he came here appears to be a bit of a mystery. Likely I'm just a little paranoid. Most despots are, ya know...