11 November 2008

Meanwhile, back in Seattle...

Amongst the delights of living on Puget Sound are the assorted islands and inlets that provide a charming retreat from the bustle of the big city. So let's hop aboard a friendly Washington State Ferry for a 30 min ride across to Bainbridge Island and indulge in more mindless photoblogging...

07 November 2008

The Day of Moi

Yes HamsterFans, once again it's Cosmic Hamster Appreciation Day, that glorious day upon which We condescended to bring Our Glorious Presence into the world. Tributes are pouring in from around the globe! Here, chinchillas high in the Andes celebrate their "Fiesta del Hamstero".
FYI: Jewels and precious metals do make thoughtful gifts.

05 November 2008

We interrupt this blog...

for the following paid political gloat:
I just couldn't resist. We now return you to our regular program.

-- by Decree of the Hamster

04 November 2008

Space Needle

Whilst awaiting election results, amuse yourselves with Seattle's landmark attraction, the Space Needle and accompanying monorail. There was great satisfaction seeing this in person. I so wanted to go to the '62 World's Fair; finally getting there healed yet another childhood scar...
Cool reflection in the Experience Music Project building -- very much an attraction in its own right.
I just LOVE monorails too!
There are some lovely gardens at the base of the Needle, an unexpected delight.

01 November 2008

Pike Place

A few shots of the Pike Place market (which is where the original Starbuck's is; this shot is, in fact, across the street from it).
Didn't get a picture of the famous flying fish, but we did notice this little pet crawling about the finny critters.
There's pretty flowers too, and all sorts of booths and shops.
On the weekend, there's even more stuff, with street vendors and all.
This was just soooo Seattle, I had to take a picture of it.