30 August 2006

La Diplomatie

In response to cabinet requests for chocolates and wine (BTW, thanks for the hazelnuts Sq!), I have despatched instructions to our ambassador, Little Bob, to enter into negotiations with the French government. I have great hope of success as LB is most energetic. Here are pics of him with President Chirac at the annual Conférence des Ambassadeurs at the Elysée Palace on 28 August.

25 August 2006


We are most pleased to announce that our empire is now reaching into the realm of cyberspace. Hamster Order will now be beneficently extended to the Internet! See explainingcomplaints.blogspot.com Rejoice my good people and fauna!

21 August 2006

More Government Appointments!

We are pleased to announce the following appointments to the Hamster World Government.

Imperial Hamster Minister for Travel, Transportation, & Tourism and Chief Herring Inspector: Mr. T. Penguin

Ambassador to France: Mr. L. Bob Penguin


By decree of the Hamster.

18 August 2006

Government Appointments

As our world conquest is progressing, we are now able to begin to organize the Imperial Hamster Cosmic Government. We are pleased to announce appointment to the following offices:

Imperial Hamster Minister of Automotive Affairs: Mr. Woodchuck

His First Secretary and Deputy General, who also chairs the Imperial Hamster Nut Conservation Directorate: Mr. Squirrel

The Supreme Arbiter of the Sovereign Hamster Board of Literary, Dramatic, and Cinematic Taste and Review, as well as Imperial Hamster Minister of Mirth: Mr. Bert

And most importantly, we announce that we have created Ms. Kel Chuck Her Rodentine Serenity, Tyrantess of Guatemala, Viceroy of Manitoba and Alberta, Imperial Hamster Plenipotentiary for Botanical Affairs, Prefect of Food Health & Safety, and Supreme Mistress of Imperial Scheduling

Congratulations all!

-- By decree of the Hamster