17 January 2016

Another Questionnaire from the Penguin

(see  http://travelpenguin.blogspot.com/)

Five Questions about where you have been:

1) If a private jet was waiting at the nearest airport to whisk you away for a week in the finest hotel suite at someone else's expense, what state would you leave for in the morning and why?

              California, San Francisco specifically, wonderful climate, scenery, culture.  It's just a great place.

2) What state have you been to, are glad you have been there, and don't really care if you ever return to and why?

            Missouri.  St. Louis was quite interesting, and it's adjacent to my Poopsie's ancestral homeland.  I wouldn't object to going back to St. Louis, but it's no priority.  The southern part of the state is depressing.

3) What state have you been to, would prefer not to go back to, and why?
            Kentucky... 'nuff said.

4) What state that you have not lived in, have you visited the most times, and why?
           Either West Virginia or Indiana.  WV because I crossed it back and forth since I went to grad school in N. Carolina, and now going back and forth to DC.  Indiana also because it's on the way to a lot of things, especially Chicago, and because my friends he Tookers live there.

5) State you have not been to, that you would most like to visit?
            Probably Montana, for the scenery and nature.  

11 January 2016

a questionnaire from Travel Penguin

see: http://travelpenguin.blogspot.com/

1. What season of the year where you born?
     late Fall, i.e., early November

2. What is your favorite thing about
    Winter?  the quiet of the snow and staying warm inside
    Spring?  flowering trees
    Summer?  I don't like summer very much
    Fall?  The colors of the leaves and the way the air smells after a rain

3. What climate would you live in year around, if you could?
    San Francisco

4. What is your sure fire way of knowing spring has arrived?
    crocus blossoms

5. What is your least favorite season and why?
    Summer - too hot, humid, and sunny