23 December 2015

Rain & Art

Today was warm (70ºF.) and rainy in NoVa.  I needed to get out and stretch my legs, but it was too wet outside, and shopping malls were simply out of the question.  Didn't feel like museums and hauling into DC, so that left the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria.  Art studios and shops, that would be nice.  Lots of pretty colors and shiny things... I was entranced for hours.

One studio had a rather fearsome watchpenguin.



13 December 2015

Winter in DC

The mid-Atlantic is experiencing unusually unseasonable weather.  I mean like it was in the 70's today and absolutely beautiful.  So we went out to enjoy it.

We went to Fort Hunt Park so David could play with his drone out in the wide open spaces:

 In the city, the street musicians were out:

 Alexandria was bustling:

10 December 2015

Goin' to the Local Hockey Bar

Though we asked for no gifts at the wedding, some very sweet and thoughtful people ignored our directions and we ended up with, among other things, two gift certificates for José Andrés restaurants.  He is a noted DC chef and restauranteur, who recently made headlines by announcing he was breaking his contract with the new Trump Hotel in DC after Donny boy's comments about Mexican immigrants.  (Trump said he'd sue; Andrés said "Go ahead; I've got the money."

We started with a lovely walk though the Christmas Market in front of the National Portrait Gallery, off of the evening hustle and bustle of 7th St. NW, with its restaurants, night spots, and the Verizon Center Arena.  

For dinner we went to Zaytinya, a mezze restaurant (Mediterranean small plates, mostly Greek and Turkish - www.zaytinya.com/).  The hostess asked if we were going to the hockey game; the Caps were playing at Verizon Center that evening.  I said no, but that explained all the Caps jerseys I was seeing.  In scant minutes, the place - which has a lovely bar the length of the restaurant - was filled with people in jerseys going to the game.  Where else but DC would a world class chef's mezze restaurant serve as the local hockey bar?

Wonderful food, and tastes that we never tasted before.  There was a tomato-based soup with assorted scallops, shrimp, and clams and Persian jeweled rice that was to die for.  Another nice stroll past the museum and then down to the Metro and home.


05 December 2015

The Christmas Camel

It was sunny and in the 50's today here in incomparable Northern Virginia, and so we decided to go to Mt. Vernon for a nice walk and diversion.  They open the third floor of the mansion only in December, and we knew the annual Christmas camel would be there.  Some of you might remember the camel.  He's brought in every Christmas because George Washington brought one in for the holidays in like 1797 for the entertainment of his guests.  Some might also remember a blog posting of several years back, when I seemed to be irresistible to said dromedary.  Alas, he seemed unimpressed with me this time.  Herein I offer photos of this most pleasant day.  Enjoy!