30 May 2008

The Miracle of Birth!

On the way to Chicago, we stopped for a tour of the Fair Oaks Dairy in northern Indiana, a set-up specifically designed to make cows less stressed and more comfortable. They certainly seemed to be quite happy and well-adjusted, but it can be hard to tell; they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. Stoic creatures they are. Among the attractions was the birthing barn. Several pregnant cows are brought in daily to deliver before the audience, and I must admit, it was fascinating. Bossie did, however, need a little assistance due to the size of the calf. Behold:
Curiously, from what I've seen on TV and high-school hygiene movies, the process with cows appears much tidier than it is for humans -- well, except for the straps maybe.

With this enlightening and appropriate post, we also say:

(Bet they had to use the straps for you too...)

29 May 2008

A Teaser

There's something about tomorrow that makes woodchucks stand up and take notice. . . .

18 May 2008

Know Your Poultry!

The chicken goes: "Cluck, cluck."

The dodo goes: "¿Dónde está la fiesta?"

15 May 2008


¿Dónde está la fiesta?
I hear there's gonna be big doin's next week in the great northwest. So I'm trying to impress Hamster with my knowledge of Mexican culture, hoping he'll send me as his official representative

Pase el tequila, por favor.

07 May 2008

Due to fatigue...

and a certain flagship state university not willing to release me from its clutches even though the semester is over, We are prevented from updating this blog at the present time. In the meanwhile, please enjoy this closely related post at another blog. Thank you for your attention and patience.

-- by Decree of The Hamster

03 May 2008

It's Derby Day!

A very big and very fun day here in our all-glorious Commonwealth! Even I'll admit it almost makes living here worthwhile. Though I have the feeling the Imperial Hamster Steed & Jockey this year might not have been a good investment...
"And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey're off!!!"

01 May 2008

Finals Week

The blood-curdling screams and soul-wrenching sighs you've probably been hearing from Iowa to Washington is just me grading papers and exams. Which also explains why there hasn't been a post in a while. Pity me...