30 September 2020

Carlyle (many photos)

 Went for a walk yesterday in the Carlyle section of Alexandria.  It's a vast redevelopment project, still in progress, but especially considering how sterile such projects often are, I think this one is quite successful.  Lots of offices, hotels, but also lots of residential.  The local Whole Foods is in Carlyle and, in a couple of years, a Wegman's.  Along with various cafes, etc., it's actually a very nice place to live.

The Fed Courthouse is one of the anchors of the project. The statue iof Justice at the entrance is striking, along with the tortoise and hare, representing "justice delayed is justice denied."

The largest anchor of the project is the Patent and Trademark office complex, which sprawls over a number of nicely designed buildings.

Please deposit contraptions here, and we'll get back to you.

The Masonic Memorial to George Washington, just to the north of Carlyle.


29 September 2020

28 September 2020

A Funny

 Sometimes I make my own memes.

25 September 2020

Pet Update

Thought I'd let you know what some of the pets are up to these days:

Butterball is shopping around for a new nesting site. He says this one is just fine and can we add some ice.

Jean-Pierre, our Kiwi from Normandy, is studying to become a condor.

24 September 2020

The Eisenhower Memorial

The Eisenhower Memorial is now open - an odd word since, given its design, it can't really be closed.  It's in a part of town that really needed something, replacing a short run of Virginia Ave which served mainly as a parking lot.  I like the design.  The screen along the back has a representation of the Normandy beaches on it, but it was difficult to see given where the sun was at that time if day. 

23 September 2020

Two Bouquets This Week

 Just because I felt like it...