31 January 2009

Then again...

maybe it wasn't the Scots.

the back yard (note the flamingo):
the front yard (note the curiously positioned tree):
the neighbor's yard:
down the street:
further up the street (note the forbidding sky):

29 January 2009

Crisis Resolved!

As some of you know, there was a dastardly attack against the power grid of the paradisaical Hamster Realms yesterday. We suspect Scottish fifth-columnists:
Happily, The Rodentine Office of Emergency Preparedness had drilled for this sort of thing, and there was only the slightest interruption of despotic services.

More on the is story to follow. . .

27 January 2009

Oscar Fever

In Hollywood, auditions have started for the new, all-penguin version of "Chariots of Fire." I smell an oscar... or is that just herring?

23 January 2009

The Rangers at the Inauguration!

Some memorable photos from the Lawn Rangers site:
And it's so heartening to see that they believe in giving rodents their due!
There are also You Tube videos of the Rangers at the inauguration, including one with images of precision lawn drilling overlaid by hysterically pompous commentary by MSNBC folk, who obviously weren't paying much attention to the images going out on the screen during their pontifications.



We must remember to invite them to Our next Hamster Patriotic Event!

21 January 2009

Inauguration Pageantry

No doubt, many of you, like me, were awed and moved by the appearance of the World Famous Lawn Rangers Precision Lawn Mower Drill Team from Arcola, Illinois in the parade yesterday. (Their motto is: "You're only young once... but you can always be immature.") This, unfortunately, is not a scene from the inaugural parade. I couldn't seem to find one on the net. It might be that the president's team is still covering up from his last encounter with the group. (Yes, that's the Commander-in-Chief with a green plunger.)"We will be the whoopee cushion of the inaugural parade," declared Ranger veteran Tom Bruno, a member of the Champaign City Council.

17 January 2009

Does black...

make me look fat?

13 January 2009

Home Improvement

I hear the Woodchuck's are doing something with their basement...

12 January 2009

07 January 2009


Just to make sure Squirrel doesn't have a monopoly on cute.

03 January 2009

So... what's the Pope been up to lately?

Judging the annual peculiar hat competition, junior division, at the Vatican.Followed by yet another Monday morning staff meeting....