31 December 2006

Happy Hamster Holidays - part 3

The Legend of The Christmas Duck...

Whilst visiting lovely Winter Park, Fla, who should we run into about to have lunch at a fashionable bistro on Park Ave. than that icon of Slovak folklore, Christmas Duck, with his loyal and devoted companion, Mario.

For those of you unfamiliar with the legend, every year on Christmas Eve, The Christmas Duck rises out of the Sacred Lake at the shrine of Our Lady of Levocha and flies through the air around the world to bring oplatki (a thin wafer bread, like a communion wafer, used at Christmas meals) to all the Slovaks who have been good the past year, and have whole-life policies with the Zenska Jednota (First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association: http://www.fcsla.com/index.shtml). Since this is such a demanding task, CD rests up a bit before the big night. He and Mario have a nice condo on Sanibel, and the two were on Park Ave. to do some last-minute shopping.

We hung out in the park for a while, admiring some of the newly-installed sculptures:

Then went off to the beach:

You never know what celebrities you might meet when you travel to fashionable locales. Last time we were in Winter Park, we ran into Carrot-Top on the sidewalk. Woo-hoo!

28 December 2006

Happy Hamster Holidays - part 2

We were off on a little jaunt, crossing the Indian River, when we saw this sport I had not witnessed before: kite-boarding, I believe. Having my new nifty little camera with me (we left the caviar dish at home) I wanted to try it out for dramatic shots. We hope you will enjoy...

27 December 2006

Happy Hamster Holidays - part 1

Greetings all! Your beloved despot and ruler of the cosmos is back from a little R&R in Florida. Time to fill you in on the sovereign, tyrannical goings-on. Let us begin with presents... Hamster just LOVES presents! Let it be known that he also gives as graciously as he receives. The rewards for devotion and loyalty to Our Most Rodentine Person can be sumptuous. DG received this:
It's a lovely little crystal caviar dish with mother-of-pearl spoon from Fabergé. After the fall of the Tsar, he was on the market, so we brought him to the Imperial Hamster Court. He does nice stuff, note the sturgeon engraved on the side. (But now I've got as house full of Easter eggs and I'm running out of closet space. Sheesh! Enough with the eggs already; how about a nice candy dish?)

The photos were taken with DG's gift to me, my first digital camera. (If you thought my posts were weird before...)

We did presents before leaving for Florida, so the next posts will be from the trip, wherein we will speak more of DG, as well as TR and the special guest we encountered whilst in the sunny climes. Stay tuned...

16 December 2006


A Despotic Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!Have a Joyous and Blessed Holiday Season
(or else... this wish will be enforced by my tank-corps!)

-- by Decree of The Hamster

11 December 2006

Some people...

look very good in tights!

08 December 2006

For Meritt:

One "boy crown," comin' up!
Worn thusly:
I always just LOVED Christmas Crown Day!

07 December 2006

Christmas crowns!

In our realms, all the teachers dress up for Christmas Crown Day -- by my decree, of course.