21 February 2007

Rumo(u)r has it...

that WH, DG, and TR are planning a little get-away this summer at a country cottage in the north of England, with Bert and Someone.Now, I'm a city-platypus, so I'd be afraid I'd run out of things to do in the country. So I hope they find ways to amuse themselves.Still, I can see the attraction of a few days of a simple, uncluttered life.
I'll keep you posted. The penguins can never keep their beaks shut when there's news afoot, so I hear it all.

Yours devotedly -- Lanfranc


  1. Can we go fox hunting? Can we? can we? Love the outfits, hate the dogs and noise.


  2. Since you are a city type person... do you think they would notice if I convieniently took your place?


  3. well, if LaFranc isn't going with WH & DG & TR, then who will be taking photos to keep us up to the moment

  4. WC wants to gooo tooooo.....wimper wimper wimper...