06 March 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Yes, your beloved despot has resumed duties for his blog. Yes, you have my permission to rejoice with transports of unparalleled glee. Let me also thank my good and faithful subject, Lanfranc the Platypus for his exemplary service whilst I was attending to other matters. In recognition of this service, we create him
Archplatypus of the Imperial Hamster Realms

with all the rights and privileges attached thereunto (as soon as we figure out what exactly the rights and privileges attached to an Archplatypus are).

Now... back to business. In order to keep you all edified and entertained, we are starting a new feature here on WickedHamster:

The WickedHamster Aphorism of the Week!

From time to time, maybe like once a week, we will share some of our nuggets of wisdom by which we have become the modern, successful global tyrant we are, in the hope that you will find them improving. The aphorism for this week:

We so often forget that surprises in our lives
can be pleasant and joyful....
There's a reason for that.


  1. Call you are back.

    We did enjoy you stand in..or would that be you waddle in???..any whoo, welcome back.

    Nice bit of wisdom.

  2. Many thanks, O loyal Automotive Minister! And yes, platypi do waddle; it's really kind of cute. But of course, NOT as cute as I !!!

  3. Where's the Wombat?

    My aphorism would be:
    "Let's make like a tree, and get out of here..."


  4. Lanfranc has resumed his normal duties as chair of the board of governors of the Hamster Imperial Reserve Bank. He's also preparing for his installation as Archplatypus. I'm certain we'll see him again.

  5. Mother's little bundle of optomism.


  6. Is this really how rodents talk when no humans are listening?

  7. Oh, you don't know the half of it, Merrit. We are wily little furry creatures!