04 April 2007

Marshalling the forces...

Those of you who have been keeping up with Our Good and Right-Trusty Woodchuck (http://woodchuckwisdom.blogspot.com/) know that he has been diligent in training our squirrel infantry for our forthcoming annexation of Scotland. Your friendly, neighborhood global tyrant has not been slacking either. Once again, our mighty hamster scientists have stunned the world, and we will unleash upon an unsuspecting Scotland a new battalion of I.F.A.* Squirrel Commandos (* = Idividualized Flying Apparatus).
Let the bogs sink in fear! (Oh wait, they seem to have already...)


  1. Hey, no trying to pass a sugar glider off as a squirrel. They are the side of the family no one likes to talk about or sit next to at Thanksgiving.

  2. you guys are always talking about IPAs - isn't that Individualized Phlying Apparatus he is wearing?

    And please - get a helmet - don't try this at home . . .

    no, really - Squirrel - get off the furniture with the towel tied behind you -

  3. Hmmm... The recruitment officer did say he thought they were a little scrawny for squirrels. I didn't give much notice at the time. Maybe we'll have to institute a Sugar Glider "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the rodent divisions.

  4. Notes:
    The picture was not taken in our house (THANK GOD!)

    Flying birds are bad enough, flying rodents are over the edge.

    In this part of the country an IFA would be on the Thanksgiving table, not seated at the table (Burgoo also known as road-kill stew really can't be made without certain furry forest creatures.)


  5. We found out yesterday our French student has no idea what a squirrel is.

    I think if he was to see a flying squirrel he would freak out.

  6. No idea what a squirrel is??? I have several pics I can send you, plus some of woodchuecks, wombats, hamsters...

  7. IFA and turtles???

    Do we get the grape kool-aid too?

    We might have a wee party.

  8. Instead of grape Kool-aid, can I have mine in a nice I2PA instead?