20 April 2007

Thoughtful Gifts for Monarchs

"A new plunge-pot. Great! My old one broke last week. How did you know?"


  1. must be all the pollen -

    somehting has you all fired up

    and you know how we all hate to encourage you . . .

  2. David's been gone. I am alone and, hence, bored.

  3. Maybe it's me, but it looks more like a mint julep cup...

  4. we both expressed great excitment over Bob's recent notice of jury duty - mostly because it means he has to be home for 2 weeks ;)

    and he has garden projects you know . . .

    luckily I have the girls to keep me from getting too bored when he travlels . . . sigh

  5. I have Jury duty?? Crap, and I can't get out of it again. This is the third or fourth time in a 12 year span that my name has come up.

  6. "The WickedHamster Blog" the first name in news throughout the Northwest!