28 June 2007

If you want to be my hamster...

As a condition of gracing English soil with Our Rodentine Presence next month, We demanded that the Spice Girls get back together. Those of you who keep abreast (pardon the pun) of pop culture news will know that, in one of his first official acts, Mr. Brown, the new prime minister, acceded to my request. He knows what I want, what I really, really want!


  1. I do believe tht I have just gone blind reading this one....

    Queen Sophia of Spain is looking better all the time.

    I can just see the new single from the Girls.."Get your Hamster on" A new dance sweeping the nation.

  2. I am speechless and overwhelmed at the wit, intelligence and superior
    pedigree of this posting.

    So humbled am I that I may give up blogging knowing that I can never reach such dizzy heights of perfection.

  3. Ah!!! Very good! That's the spirit we like to see in our comments: blind adoration! (And, just so you all know, it doesn't make an ounce of difference to me that I had to put Bert up to this. Like my mother, the only thing I care about is hearing what I want to hear, even if I have to put words in your mouth.)

  4. Oh god, why me?


  5. Ha - cheater. You already know they are getting back together. ;)

    There sure will be a lot of babies on the tour bus this time!

  6. this is why I garden . . . it keeps me away from the blogs . . . lord knows what smut will appear there . . .

    the Spice Girls "lost it" for me the first time they entered 6 degrees with the Olsen Twins