12 November 2007

Yes, it's true!

It appears that the Most Esteemed and Right-Trusty Woodchuck is journeying to the Hamster-Realms for The World Domination Summit. A variety of savoury entertainments are already being contemplated, many involving fine aged bourbon. We rejoice! And of course DG and TR will be on hand for the festivities. Let the earth tremble in fear!
-- By Decree of The Hamster


  1. WC will have my proxy on any pressing issues that might need my attention.

    That and he doesn't do to well on bourbon, something about a fight he lost one time with a bottle of Jack D.

  2. I'm smiling because I'm happy for the summit... but sad because a monkeydragon and I won't be there, as well as a host of other fine furry creatures.

    I'm thinking a major summit in England should be in order whereas all creatures great and small that have a golden invitation are invited and we swarm the Tower hotel near London Bridge and we stay and frolic and enjoy ale for 4-5 days.

    See, that is my idea of a summit - and has nothing to do with world domination.

  3. Awww! But the world domination's the real fun part!

  4. The Food & Safety commission has a summit planned with the North American Coffee Board, which is apparently pending scheduling conflicts - and venue selection -

    a teleconference may be an option ;)