05 December 2007

A Study in Visual Acuity

Ya think SOMEONE would have noticed that they should have perhaps put a different colored top on this model, one that wouldn't blend in with the cords hanging from her cute little pengy-hat. The cords with the cute little fluffy white tufts on the ends. Unless warm, comfy, knitted holiday pasties have suddenly become all the rage in Canada this season... "in adult and kid sizes." Hello people! Use your eyes!

See: http://www.deluxknitwear.com/novelty_knits/novelty_knits.html


  1. ROTFL... :)

    Thanks for the morning smile with my coffee.

  2. Penguin abuse! I am calling the ASPCA!


  3. WC & I were recently in the Great White North and depending on what part of town you are in, light, fluffy pasties would be appropiate wear.

  4. Next time you go up there, you'll have to send back pics. (Oh, this should be good folks, stay tuned!)

  5. there is an alarming amount of penguin novelty gift items this time of year - I suspect this is some sort of take over - finding the traditional warfare no good in the US you have resorted to warping our consumerism with Canadian imports and coffeeshop finds ;)