06 February 2008

Mother Nature

Being an utterly devoted aficionado of Kel's blog, I find that her consummate environmentalism has rubbed off a bit. There is much I have learned about the wonders of nature and the delicate balance that sustains the creatures of the earth, great and small. Observe:
The Chicken: Highly desirable as back-yard scrap recycling equipment

The Woodchuck: Natural enemy of the chicken; has been known to chase these birds out of back yards

The Squirrel: Known to laugh hysterically whilst observing the life-and-death struggle twixt woodchuck and chicken

The Worm: Not nearly as good as the chicken

"I am. . . an anarCHIST!"


  1. and you have been sitting there all day waiting for me to read this haven't you

  2. Why did the spider cross the road??

    Because he was stapled to the chicken.....
    it was a punk chicken...
    get it.....
    ok, maybe not as funny as I thought....

  3. Sorry - I was too busy passing the blog link around to my friends! ;)

    LUV it!

  4. ... if he gets up, we'll all get up... it'll be anarchy!

    Couldn't resist. The movie quote popped into my head when I saw the last chicken.

  5. You forgot my beer, I can't laugh hysterically without one.

  6. Hey, I gave you a nice yummy nut to chomp on!

  7. upon closer inspection those appear to be bantam chickens - I have been advised to get standard chickens unless we want "cute little" eggs from the "cute little" chickens

    And Squirrel, I heard about your comment "throw a cinder block on the chicken to hold them down with the tornado"

    you would think, in the least, you could start a collection - kind of a going away for WC - from the guys in San Diego for the chicken coop . . .

  8. By the way...I see you got my good side.