16 March 2008

Laid Low!

For those who are getting restive for a new post from your Beloved Despot, allow me to plead illness. A week ago (right as Spring Break started - damned karma!) we were struck with a very unpleasant little bug and ended up in bed for 3 days.
We have recovered now, but many a HamsterTask must be attended to (among other things, the Scottish railroads need some attention). We will be posting again soon!

Yours tyrannically - WH


  1. Keep the trains a rolling along. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    Take care.

    Your devoted servent, WC.

  2. Be sure to keep up with your fluid intake, I suggest bourbon...

  3. Woodchuck can't complain... he doesn't update either. LOL.

    OK - GUESS WHAT? I almost bought you a gift this weekend.

    I was at the Mall of America and saw the most awesome gift ever. A little "hamsta" that was battery operated and ran on a wheel!!!! I was thinking; 'I should get that!' and then realized... I don't even know his address or anything. Hmmm.

    They had one in a ball too but he wasn't as cute as the one that runs on a wheel. I tried to find it online and guess what? I can't find the cute one with the wheel. But here is the one in the ball;


    And HERE is what the one with the wheel looks like - but this one is SO MUCH COOLER because he ONLY runs when he is plugged into your keyboard and you are working! LOL.

    LOVE IT!

  4. It cut my link off.

    Try this!


  5. Ah! Iowa desires to send tribute - voluntarily! We are most pleased!!!

  6. Even tyrants fall fowl of wee bugs.
    (that looks rather Shakespearean methinks)

  7. Even tyrants fall fowl of wee bugs.
    (that looks rather Shakespearean methinks)