03 July 2008

Ho hum... (part II)

Another day at work. Pontificates can get a little boring at times. (And no comments about my hat!)


  1. I see that you are sitting on a throne taking a crap in a hat.

    But I don't want to take a crap in a hat with a bat.

    I will not wear my hat while I sat on the mat talking with a guy named Pat.

    What have you say to that?

  2. I do not like your silly poem,
    So somewhere else now I will roam.

    You made a reference to my hat,
    and I said I would not stand for that

    So I'll have God to tear you asunder,
    and strike you with a bolt of thunder.

    -- The Pope.

  3. How can I match such whit?
    It is really quite a bit

    To do this so early
    Is really quite squirrely

    If only the Pope looked like he was having some fun
    Like the two of you on a run

    I think I will go back to bed now!


  4. crap, crap I say
    I must look away

    I cannot stay

    when rodents begin to rhyme this way

  5. Ok, I'm sorry I started this one....not.

  6. I must compliment Monkeydragon on her poetry. Starting the poem with a spondee, two accented syllables ("Crap. crap"), is most sophisticated. It is reminiscent of the beginning of Pope's "Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot":

    Shut, shut the door, good John fatigu'd I said,

    Tie up the knocker, say I'm sick, I'm dead...

  7. I'm in...

    Rose are Red,
    Violets are flowers.

    This silly rhyming,
    could go on for hours and hours.

    So what shall we do,
    what is that I hear?

    It's the crafty Rogue Squirrel,
    Cracking another beer.