01 November 2008

Pike Place

A few shots of the Pike Place market (which is where the original Starbuck's is; this shot is, in fact, across the street from it).
Didn't get a picture of the famous flying fish, but we did notice this little pet crawling about the finny critters.
There's pretty flowers too, and all sorts of booths and shops.
On the weekend, there's even more stuff, with street vendors and all.
This was just soooo Seattle, I had to take a picture of it.


  1. Wish I was there. And the French Restaurant, and the lavender lady, and the honey shop, and well you get the idea.


  2. The flowers are breathtaking. I wish I had one of the white bouquets right now! Somehow the bouquets at my local Super Target for $9.99 don't quite match up.

  3. Don't forget the cheese shop...

  4. DG has pix of the cheese shop; ask him to post them. It is a little known fact that penguins love cheese.