26 October 2015

Wedding Album - 2nd edition (revised & expanded!)

Jones Point Lighthouse, Alexandria Va, on the Potomac - the southern tip of the original District of Columbia

Under the glass pyramid beneath us lies the original southern boundary marker for the District of Columbia, set in 1791. This part of the original District was returned to Virginia in 1846.


Teresa Shaw reads from Plato's Symposium

the vows & rings

Mike Kennedy reads from 1st Corinthians

the happy couple

groom A
groom B



the cake (you knew there'd be sheep somewhere, didn't you?)


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (sniff)! would love to see a close-up of the wedding rings.

    and the sheep - are they icing sheep or stuffed sheep? and what is the significance of the sheep? should have had a penguin and a hamster on the cake! and that cake looks dee-lish!

    any honeymoon plans?

  2. The sheep are paper; I picked them up almost a year before the Supreme Court decision. I just thought they were cute. We fell in love with sheep several years ago on a vacation with Brit friends in Yorkshire - which is just brimming with the little critters. We'd fall asleep listening to them baa, baaing on the hills at night. We don't see many sheep in the parts of the country we've lived in here, so part of it was novelty, but they are just sweet creatures. We don't have any rings pics, but they are matching black ceramic with a black brushed titanium band. Keeping with the unconventional theme of the wedding (the cake was chocolate truffle) we did the honeymoon prior - with the already planned driving trip in Germany.

  3. (Found your blog through your husband's blog).

    Lovely photos of a lovely occasion. The sheep cake toppers are so whimsical ... I love them. I've always thought that if I were to get married I'd love to have bobblehead cake toppers of the groom and I in our likeness.

    ~ Freckles