08 June 2020


Well, now that I've relaunched the blog, I find I now have to write things.  Uh....  Yesterday afternoon David (adoring and adorable husband, in case the gentle reader is unfamiliar) asked me what I was going to write about in my first post.  I answered "I dunno; we'll see."  So maybe I'll write about writing my first post.

I've been out of practice since 2015 and I imagine what I'll write about will be different than what I wrote about years ago.  Previously, I mainly went for laughs--as is typical for me.  There will be more than enough mirth this time, but there certainly will be more seriousness.  The times demand it.  And I do a lot of reflecting on the nature and causes of things, so they'll be a fair amount of why I think things are the way they are.  There will also very likely be--and this would be new--some insights into my psyche.  In this I have been inspired by one of my favorite philosophers, Urspo of Grosse Point (sporeflections.wordpress.com) who manages to be self-revelatory without being maudlin, morose, psychically exhibitionistic, or narcissistic.  (You can thank me for the plug later, Spo.)  

That still leaves me wondering what I'll write about, since writing about what to write about leaves me strangely unsatisfied.  Maybe we'll start with a nice, vanilla-flavored account of a walk we took yesterday.  (Please advance to the next post for same.)  


  1. In the beginning, the Hamster started clearing his throat, trying to think of something to write. You will get the hang of it, I haven't missed a day in over 5 years!

  2. write what you feel, and feel what you write.