30 July 2020


The nice man I ordered from Home Advisors has arrived to fix the weatherstripping on the door to the patio.  It took quite a while for them to find someone willing to take the job; too small, I figure, and around here there's no shortage of work.  (Getting an escalator fixed takes forever since there's a chronic shortage of qualified personnel in the area.  If you want to make a bundle and are mechanically inclined, here's your chance.)  Other than that, same ol', same ol'.  I have mentioned this is getting quite tiresome, haven't I?  Our beloved Dr. Spo of Spo-Reflections posted on that very theme today.  Today... Blursday the 43rd of July.  Oh well, to quote Young Frankenstein, "Could be worse.  Could be raining."  Toodles!


  1. I like a man who knows how to use his tool(s).

  2. Oh god, you said this, and today there is a 90% chance of rain all day.

  3. Hmm, we are on year 2 of the half bath remodel. Apparently, one must find just the right YouTube video for the next step...

    I have suggested, on many occasions, hiring a man,r owoman, with experience in drywall and flooring.

    I'm beginning to suspect that he's dragging this out to avoid my list of other projects 😏