23 July 2020

The Jewel City of the Universe

Today is the anniversary of the founding of the city of Cleveland, my home town, by Moses Cleaveland in 1796.  You might note the difference in spelling between the names of the city and the founder.  In 1831, the spelling of the town's name was altered by The Cleveland Advertiser newspaper.  In order to fit the name on the newspaper's masthead, the editors dropped the first "a", reducing the city's name to Cleveland, which eventually became the official spelling.  The town's been through a lot and, unfortunately, few people are familiar with its divers beauties. 


  1. Lots of pretty in and from that town.

  2. todd and I visited cleveland in 2000. came in via amtrak, stayed at the holiday inn express and had a nice view of lake erie and the little airport. visited terminal tower, the RnR hall of fame, walked the downtown area. had a great meal in the italian section of town. rode the subway line. need to get back there to see what we missed.

  3. We had a friend who worked at Case Western years ago. We loved to go visit. What a great city it was. And the countryside.