31 December 2006

Happy Hamster Holidays - part 3

The Legend of The Christmas Duck...

Whilst visiting lovely Winter Park, Fla, who should we run into about to have lunch at a fashionable bistro on Park Ave. than that icon of Slovak folklore, Christmas Duck, with his loyal and devoted companion, Mario.

For those of you unfamiliar with the legend, every year on Christmas Eve, The Christmas Duck rises out of the Sacred Lake at the shrine of Our Lady of Levocha and flies through the air around the world to bring oplatki (a thin wafer bread, like a communion wafer, used at Christmas meals) to all the Slovaks who have been good the past year, and have whole-life policies with the Zenska Jednota (First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association: http://www.fcsla.com/index.shtml). Since this is such a demanding task, CD rests up a bit before the big night. He and Mario have a nice condo on Sanibel, and the two were on Park Ave. to do some last-minute shopping.

We hung out in the park for a while, admiring some of the newly-installed sculptures:

Then went off to the beach:

You never know what celebrities you might meet when you travel to fashionable locales. Last time we were in Winter Park, we ran into Carrot-Top on the sidewalk. Woo-hoo!


  1. I look longingly at your photos... and wish I could be you. If only for one or two days....

  2. You don't have to be crazy to be WH, but it would help.


  3. Our leader is not crazy....not really...maybe just a little....

    I see your point.

  4. Doing! Tee-hee-hee-hee... Duhhhh, time for my cookie??

  5. The Christmas Pickle I've heard of...not so much on the Christmas Duck.

    Thank you for the enlightening lesson.

  6. I think that you missed the point were the Christmas Duck rides the Christmas Pickle that is being pulled by the Christmas Rabbit....

    no, wait....that's not it...

    Never mind!

  7. Is that like a squirrel on a moose?