28 December 2006

Happy Hamster Holidays - part 2

We were off on a little jaunt, crossing the Indian River, when we saw this sport I had not witnessed before: kite-boarding, I believe. Having my new nifty little camera with me (we left the caviar dish at home) I wanted to try it out for dramatic shots. We hope you will enjoy...


  1. aha! we have seen this one on the Columbia Gorge, out with the wind surfers -

    nice photo sequence, a natural for sure - although trying to picture a hamster with a camera . . .

  2. Camera? You should have seen me try to find a hamster-size ski board. I tried to use a tongue-depressor, but they kept on sinking.

  3. tongue depressor


    dude, you need to use one of the wooden spoon out of the orange creme ice cream cups!

  4. I'm still thinking about France for Christmas next year. Will I be able to pop over to the Aston Martin plant for a little RnR and walk amoung the art work there?

  5. Ah, my dear Miniter and Coucillor, that's why they built the chunnel!

  6. We could all stop by to see Bert and Someone!