24 December 2007

Official Christmas Card

For years, some people have been sending us Christmas cards that feature a photo of their children. I guess the petit-bourgeois peer pressure finally caught up with us. So, this year, from our family to yours:
A Merry Christmas and
A Happy and Prosperous New Year

For those of you interested in a close up view:

As some of you know, they all have names, and so, in the spirit of the season and in alphabetical order, with nonpenguins mostly noted in parentheses...
On Achilles, Adelaide, Admiral, Albert, Alexander, Alfred, Anastasia, Antoinette, & Ariadne (puffin)! On Baby, Basil, Beauregard, Bismarck (puffin), Bob, Boomer, Boris, Bullwinkle, Butch, & Butterball
! On Caesar, Charlie, Chilly Lilly, Clifford, Conrad, Coronado, & Cuddles! On Daisy (sheep), Dale, Daniel, Daphne, Diana, Duncan, Edgar, Edith, Edmund (dodo), Edward, Electa, Emily, & Eugene! On Ferdinand, Fluffy, Francesco, Fred, Gilbert, Godwin, Goldie, Hector, Henry Acland, Herbert, & Humphrey! On Ignatius, Jasper, Jeeves, Jeppesen, Joel, Lambie, Lanfranc (platypus), Leander, Leopold, Little Bob, Liz (puffin), Llewellyn, Loop-O, Lorelei (loon), Louis, & Lucius! On Mac, Manfred, Marguerite (sheep), Maria Theresa, Mario, Martha, Max (sheep), Mike, Napoleon, Natasha, Nathan, & Normal(e)! On Orlando, Oswald, Otto, Pancratius, Percy, Perfect, Philippe, Precious, & Prunella! On Ralph (hedgehog), Richard, Rocky, Rodney (wombat), Rosebud (puffin), Rupert, Schwartz, Sidney (sheep), Squeek, & Stan! On Tarsicius, Terry, Thaddeus, Theodore, Thurston, Tom, Tweety, Twinkle, Valeria, Victoria (puffin), Wilbur, Woolsey (sheep), & Zeno! And a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


  1. Love it...The sheep are really a nice addition to the family.
    And how do you keep all of the kids name correct? I can hear it now,

    No, I'm Rocky, he is Rupert, or is that Stan? Anyhoo, I'm Rocky. Is there a Liz or Butterball in the house?

  2. Almost all have tiny little nametags on the undersides of their feet. Heck, my mother only had 3 sons and she'd get our names wrong half the time.

  3. I surely hope there was no open flame anywhere nearby? That bunch of polyester friends would go up like a roman candle.

  4. I'm glad to see Rodney & Lanfranc back in the mix.

  5. ok - after "dusting" my little crew today I though of you . . .

    you do put the crew in the dryer on a heat setting to "dust" (and kill dust mites)don't you ????

    I mean, krill is one thing . . .