30 December 2007

Why it can sometimes be difficult...

to decorate for Christmas around here.


  1. That reminds of a joke, How many penguins does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    Oh, look a herring...

    We may never know.

  2. we never did get the tree decorated this year - it had an angel on top, and then ornaments given as gift this year . . . but otherwise bare

    WC went around telling everyone it was decorated in Druid tradition

    I told him just not to pee on it or the hardwoods

  3. Sq - Your joke is brilliant! You are really a quick read when it comes to penguin humor. I'm impressed.

    K - I trust the other one got inflated. That counts.

  4. I really (really) love that graphic. I think you should use it on your (homemade) Christmas cards next year.

    Oh wait! I didn't GET a Christmas card from you. Hmmm. So for all I know this WAS from your card this year. LOL.