11 April 2008

Domestic Bliss!

We commissioned the Imperial Hamster Court Painter to render the new Mommy happily ensconced at home with her bundle of joy! Squirrel couldn't make it to pose since he was up to his ears in dirty diapers. Love ya, Mom!


  1. It's amazing how human-like birth can make a squirrel look.

  2. Great, now she wants a crown. Baby Sq. has been sleeping with both her hands up beside her chubby cheeks, which is know as the "princess pose". Apparently she has her future figured out already.

  3. so life-like the resemblance is amazing

    I can't wait for the post modern rendering of Squirrel up to his ears in dirty diapers

  4. Sqrirrel is in Dirty diapers????

    Do we really need a picture of this?