07 May 2008

Due to fatigue...

and a certain flagship state university not willing to release me from its clutches even though the semester is over, We are prevented from updating this blog at the present time. In the meanwhile, please enjoy this closely related post at another blog. Thank you for your attention and patience.

-- by Decree of The Hamster


  1. No excuses accepted.


    Get your sorry butt back here.

  2. Good, this will give me more time to plan for your arrival in Washington later this summer.

    Red Carpet...check
    warm fuzzy bathrobs....check
    slippers.....check, wait, do Hamsters wear slippers or would that be doubling up on the furry thing?

  3. Don't forget the little colored wood sticks for him to chew on. We don't want any ingrown teeth.

    TR will also need some fresh fish, I think Copper River King salmon would be in order, along with some Kumamoto oysters.

    And lots of ale.