30 May 2008

The Miracle of Birth!

On the way to Chicago, we stopped for a tour of the Fair Oaks Dairy in northern Indiana, a set-up specifically designed to make cows less stressed and more comfortable. They certainly seemed to be quite happy and well-adjusted, but it can be hard to tell; they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. Stoic creatures they are. Among the attractions was the birthing barn. Several pregnant cows are brought in daily to deliver before the audience, and I must admit, it was fascinating. Bossie did, however, need a little assistance due to the size of the calf. Behold:
Curiously, from what I've seen on TV and high-school hygiene movies, the process with cows appears much tidier than it is for humans -- well, except for the straps maybe.

With this enlightening and appropriate post, we also say:

(Bet they had to use the straps for you too...)


  1. Aw... that was wonderful! Thank You for the detailed post. :)

    Baby Cows are rather cute.

  2. I need to stop an Tractor Supply and buy a set of the straps to get the hamster out of the shavings some mornings. Happy Birthday WC!


  3. I still have the marks from where they used the winch to pull on the straps.

    Thanks everyone.

  4. "the process with cows appears much tidier than it is for humans"

    I can PERSONALLY agree with that statement. When Mrs. Sq. got done with her doc, the poor woman looked like something from Nightmare on Elm Street.