03 June 2008

Resistance is futile!

On our little jaunt through Indiana, it struck me that the place might make a good target for conquest. This for several reasons:

TR rather liked the place.

They do take good care of their cows. Here they are enjoying a sleek, industrial style merry-go-round at one of their bovine amusement parks.

Certainly, it doesn't seem there'll be much resistance on the horizon.
But they do have the oddest looking dogs I've ever seen...


  1. that my dear is the definition of "free range" my dears {cows in "dog houses")

    makes you think

    pasture raised is an entirely different thing . . .

  2. And the dog's get huge!


  3. I believe that breed is the "Midwest Dalmatian".


  4. sometimes I think you sit around looking for things to get me fired up

  5. If it's any consolation, the cowlets pictured are kept in the doghouses for a brief time, between weaning and being put into the herds. I didn't catch the reason for this mentioned on the tour. Out of a herd numbering in the tens of thousands on this particular range, there were like no more than 40 calves in doghouses. Once in the barns, which are 1/4 mile long, they aren't penned in.