14 December 2008

New from HamsterLabs!

The Risky Genetic Engineering Department of Imperial HamsterLabs Ltd. is proud to announce its latest innovation: The Pocket Sheep™!
Yes, from the same great people that brought you the House Sheep™
The Pocket Sheep™ is the latest in ovine technology. No larger than a credit card, the Pocket Sheep™ is perfect for today's active lifestyles! This go-anywhere, do-anything quadruped will give you all the snuggly comfort and affection you could want, in a convenient size. Put one in your pocket, in your purse, the glove compartment, your travel kit, anywhere where sudden insecurity might necessitate having a woolly friend nearby. Get yours today!
Remember, the one and only genuine Pocket Sheep™ is only available from HamsterLabs. Beware of imitators! Accept no substitutes!


  1. I have one, tiny chops though.


  2. Bonus points for props to the Rogue Nation.

    Let's take Tahiti.

    Warm, Sunny, Decent beer.

    I'll drive the boat.

  3. I can't stop staring.

    I had a larger version that I received for my 8th birthday. Now I'm dwelling on the fact I haven't seen it in 25 years and wonder... what happened to my sheep?

  4. No larger than a credit card

    ohdearlord. . .