04 November 2015

So how does it feel?

OK folks, this is with any luck my return to somewhat regular blogging. Here goes...

After the wedding, a few people asked the question "How does it feel to be married?"  Frankly, I didn't expect to notice any difference.  After all, David and I have been together for 23 years now; so what difference would the license and ceremony make?  Much to my surprise, it did make quite a difference.  For the next several days after the wedding, I felt a giddy happiness almost non-stop.  It wasn't coming from anything in particular; it was just there, steadily and constantly and for days running.  I was also smiling a lot for no apparent reason (other than being married). Generally speaking, though a charming and witty fellow, I'm generally not known for such quiet delirium.  (Earlier in the year, a friend pulled me aside at the office and asked if I was OK, since I had displayed my usual misanthropy for a couple of weeks.  BTW, that was due to my sabbatical coming on.)

So, what can I say about all this? Dear Dr. Spo might have something psychiatric to say, and I perhaps could utter the adage that I was "surprised by joy."  But rather than analyze or sermonize, I think I'll just - uncharacteristically - accept that for whatever reason, marrying David has made my surprisingly, unexpectedly, and exceedingly happy.  And yes, for me, being married did something to my innards that was delightful and welcome.

Never underestimate the power of ritual and pieces of paper from the government.