29 June 2020

False Focaccia

This is a gripe, not a rant.

Day before yesterday, we made a quick stop at a grocery store on the way back from Ikea.  There AH purchased a loaf of fluffy white bread that caught his fancy.  It was indeed fluffy and tasty, but there was one problem with it.  It was labeled "focaccia."   It was as tall and poofy as Wonder  Bread (though it definitely tasted better); it had cheddar cheese baked on top, along with jalapeños. 

Now, your modern cosmopolite knows that focaccia is not tall and poofy like Wonder Bread, nor does any self-respecting focaccia have cheddar or jalapeños on it; indeed the customary seasoning is rosemary, and maybe some olives as in the image below.

So, for the sake of pity and our relations with la Repubblica Italiana, please call this Poofy Cheesy Jalapeño Bread or some such, but do not call it a focaccia.


  1. say what? OMB, that "focaccia" is 50 ways to sunday WRONG!

  2. Sounds like a poofy rant to me,

  3. Didn't you see the label? It said Genuine Faux Focaccia.


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