25 August 2020


I'm an ardent vexillologist (happily you can't get arrested for that in Va)... which simply means I study and collect flags.  I have since high school, loooooooong before Sheldon on "Big Bang Theory."  It's really quite fascinating, and my particular interest is heraldic vexillology, i.e., flags taken from coats of arms, etc.  I recently found a new source for my collection, French but you can get them on Amazon.  You may recall, I do not really have hobbies, I have serial obsessions.  Below are some of my most recent acquisitions.

l to r: Dept. of the Rhone (France), Dept. of the Ardèche (France), Parma-Piacenza (Italy), Brittany (old), Friuli-Venezia Julia (Italy), French naval galley, French royal navy (restoration)

l to r: French royal, flag of Oswain Glyndwr (Welsh), English royal (16th cent.), Napoleonic imperial banner, Austria-Hungary (naval), Holy Roman Emperor   


  1. What a fun collection. It must look great on display.

  2. I am eclectic, he is organized and categorized,

    1. "Eclectic" is an interesting word to use here. 😘

  3. everybody collects something...you are the first flag collector I've met.

  4. My family thinks I collect plants...I just don't know why ;)