02 January 2008

Out with the old...

It was quite a year. The conquest of Scotland. The first World Domination Summit. But there were the rough times, too. Like when the BBC outed our surveillance chief for the Far East.

Mysterious mammal caught on film
By Rebecca Morelle
Science reporter, BBC News
Monday, 10 December 2007, 00:36 GMT

An "extraordinary" desert creature has been caught on camera for what scientists believe is the first time. The long-eared jerboa, a tiny nocturnal mammal that is dwarfed by its enormous ears, can be found in deserts in Mongolia and China...


  1. Bunny Rodent, see what happens when we allow babies to be concieved without prior authorization!


  2. I didn't think her ears were that big?

    But it does look a bit like my nephew, that kid lost a bet with someone.

  3. No way to tell the wife...I can't hear you.....

  4. Did you see the little hamster drinking coffee in my post the day before yesterday? :) I thought of you when I chose it.