14 November 2015

Great Father Potomac

I've always loved water.  Even as a kid I was a big water drinker, and though it took a while for me to learn to swim (and I'm still not very good at it) I love to be in water.  I love to see water; I love the sound of water; I love to be near water. Water relaxes me, soothes me.  Yesterday, I wanted to get outside and clear my head.  It was a blustery day (I love wind too) and knew I needed to go down to the river.  It's wonderful we live only a couple of minutes' drive from the George Washington Parkway and Mount Vernon Trail - a National Park that runs down the Va side of the Potomac.

Great Father Potomac, as I like to call him, seldom lets me down.  It's an extraordinary body of water; a very different river at the falls up from Georgetown, in the gorge running past the city, at the wide expanse just past DC, to the natural and majestic flow down at Mount Vernon.

The wind was kicking up the waves and bouncing the docks up and down, the wind in the cables of the beached sailboats made a weird and beautiful sound, a brave soul donned a wetsuit and set out windsurfing.

There's a wonderful tranquility in watching the water, enrapturing, transporting, whether it be rough or calm.  I can lose myself in the vision of the expanse.  It was a wonderful day to be along the Potomac.  It has become my river.


  1. Pretty, and it smells like home.

  2. great falls is an interesting place; so wild and untamed the river is.

    yet at mount vernon, all is calm.

    I like the sound of the ocean myself; VERY relaxing.